Friday, September 14, 2012

Taking A Big Chance

So by know all you readers know that the iPhone 5 is coming, and well we all knew what it was gonna look like, thanks to all the leaks.  While I dont really know what all iOS 6 is bringing, they claim over 200 new features, but hell I'm sure I dont use all the features of iOS5.  That being said, the wife and I are both eligible and she needs an upgrade badly, so I did some research and thanks to @evolvedmommy, I went to Gazelle earlier in the week and locked in a great price for 2 pristine iPhone 4's (not 4s), that deal was $235 each, basically for two years use I lost $64, or I am getting a $235 discount on each phone.  But I did not pre-order via apple or AT&T, I'm going local this time, we have a reseller in town that seems really good and has waaay better customer service, and I'm 20th on the list for 2 new phones.  Fingers crossed they get enough on day 1 to take care of me, but if not its ok.  I'm not gonna stroke out if I dont have it right away.  I think the feature I'm most excited to play with is the new maps/navigation and passbook, you all know I already love the KeyRing app, so I will be interested to see how much was borrowed by apple.  I will try to keep you all posted as to my status, in the mean time, please enjoy this video showing how people really pay no attention!

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