Monday, February 14, 2011

An iPhone for the rest of the world...and why I don't really care

So, with all the hoopla that presented with the announcement that Apple was finally bringing the iPhone to Verizon (knowing full well they turned the original device down 4 years ago), its a huge step forward for Apple and the domination of the two major carriers in the US. While this is a great idea, for those of us who follow Apple semi-religiously know full well that in less than 6 months the iPhone 5 (or whatever they are going to call it). So all the early adopters who stood in line and camped out to get one, well you're going to feel silly when the new one comes out in June, or you won't, most people won't care, but for me I'd feel bad buying old tech.

Now back to the whole dual carrier global domination, well we know that Apple has slowly been eeking away at market share and now that you have two carriers who have the largest customer base, also have the iPhone this will just allow them to continue to grow and get everyone on the multi-touch bandwagon.

I love my iPhone, I love my iMac, I love my Macbook Pro, I loved my iPad, but I will not be buying a Verizon iPhone, despite everyones claims that AT&T is the devil and the service sucks, I have never really had major issues, I've been to a few major cities, including L.A. and didn't really have the trouble that people talk about. I can also be very happy that they finally got 3G in our area, and its a considerable improvement. It's also nice to be able to use data while on a call, to get emails while on calls, to AT&T I say thank you!

Well that's all for now, oh, and if you have time and want to get something really different for your iPad or your iPhone check out my friends company that uses old world book binding techniques to make a very unique and cool case for the iPad (voted iPad case of the year!). Just announced this week was the Bookback for the iPhone

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Wintry Threat"

Ok, so for the past week, the home page of the Weather Channel has shown a map of the central region, with big letters right across the state of Arkansas saying "WINTRY THREAT". This is basically the cry for you to run out of your homes, stock up on bread milk and eggs (I assume when your stranded by the snowpocalypse you eat french toast?). Personally I'd be stocking up on junk, frozen pizza, and some variety of cheese in dip form. Oh and toilet paper, god knows you can't face cabin fever without soft 2 ply, weaved, quilted, aloe, goodness.

We've seen more snow in the last three weeks than the last 2 winters, do not get me wrong, I love the snow and think its beautiful in its serene calmness (until you have to drive somewhere), then it becomes the most anger inducing, foul language generator you can find, ok, so thats not the snows fault, its the other drivers. As I lay down last night thinking its 39 degrees, I think they missed the boat on this one, only to wake to a quiet white blanket of wet snow. Not enough to mess up the roads, but enough to slow everyone down and make my 15 ride in, more like 25. Oh and to the cop i saw this morning, scrap your windshield, the mound of snow on the edge that causes your wipers to stick, is not cool, nor good. There is now another threat headed this way. Rumor has it, that it will start tomorrow night and then carry into most of Wednesday as well. I say bring it snowmageddon, we want to see what you're made of, do you have the moxie!?

To that I'll be in Little Rock tomorrow with the Leadership Class from the Chamber, discussing State government, I'll be sure to say "Hi" to the guvnah for you all!

And if you missed it here are my top three commercials from Super Sunday.

1. I just love the volkswagon commercial, funny and I remember the product!
2. Cowboys and Aliens, come on, this is gonna be awesome!
3. Captain America, I had to pause and rewind the dvr several times to get a good look at Red Skull...Gonna be Legendary!