Monday, August 22, 2011

Et Tu U.S. Pizza

O.K. so I'm not really a food snob, but in a way I am... I know that makes no sense, but you get the picture. I generally do not stray far from my "regular" menu items at most restaurants, but I spent Sunday down in the Rock at the Mom's, with the toddler in tow. We decided to order pizza from U.S. Pizza, mind you, I've been eating this pretty much since I was old enough to remember it, but I also remember (and no one else seems to) Pizza Planet, on Geyer Springs, I remember the pizza came on a cardboard disc in a paper bag the end stapled over to keep your pie from sliding out. But thats another story for another time, kinda like Taco Kid... Ok, back to Sunday's pizza disappointment. Ordered the usual, a large supreme, still surprised that you can call a 13" pizza a large anymore, but hey, its what they do. I seem to recall back in the days before every Tom, Dick and Harry stole the recipe from U.S. Pizza and opened their own eateries (Pizza Cafe & Olde World Pizza I'm looking at you cough* cough*). There was this mystical pizza recipe that they had, it was 2 parts homemade goodness and 1 part secret dusting seasoning. Back then I did not have a palate for identifying spices or ingredients, I just knew it was good, I liked it, and I wanted more. Make way for all the fast food, other independant pizza joints, the endless Pizza Parade at a certain buffet. Gone is the TLC that went into each pie, gone is the magic dust that made it so unique, gone is the we're little and independent, but hey, now you can order online, we have microbrews, goat cheese, pizza with no sauce, pizza with no gluten. Give me my gluten, give me my sauce, and dammit give me toppings, for what is a pizza without anything on top of it! So to you U.S. Pizza I say "It's been swell, It's been great, but honestly it's not me, it's you!" Thanks for the memories, but after Sunday, you've truly left a bad taste in my mouth.