Friday, October 14, 2011

And, life goes on...

So, some of you may know that my wife and I tried to start our own business last year, we had this "visionary" "consultant" (I use both terms as loosely as I can).  He came riding in with big ideas about how we could provide exemplary medical care and a great experience all while making a decent living.  It looked good on paper, the model was great, the idea harkened back to the day when physicians made house calls, and you were more than a number on a chart.  Well, I borrowed out all of my retirement that I had built over the last 8 years and then we got started and things looked ok.  The money started disappearing, payroll was costing a fortune, and for those who don't know it takes 90-180 days to start getting money from the insurance companies.  So our "guide" suggested we get a line of credit, we did, a second mortgage, check, all the while he kept getting paid, but neither my wife nor I drew an actual paycheck, merely an occasional loan payment when the company could afford it.  Finally we'd had enough, no guidance, his accountant seemed just as crooked, we fired them both, cut our staff in an effort to make ends meet and stay within budget.  In the end it wasn't enough, we had to file personal bankruptcy, dissolve the corporation, close the doors, and lose our home.  So now I'm unemployed, broke, and have left both our families back in Arkansas, and moved to Texas where my wife has a new job, however the market does not look good for me.  So if your out there, and a physician, and an Osteopath named Nicholas Bartz, D.O. approaches you with a great scheme on behalf of his company Health Pro Solutions, or he wants to hook you in with Barry R. Pasis, Patrick Mallett, or Jim Chaston, CPA; run, call your local BBB, AG, and get a lawyer!  He is a schmuck on wheels and will screw you out of everything you have and have no liability when you fail.  Also, if you live in Pismo Beach, CA and visit The Doctor is In on Shell Beach, find a new doc, they are in bed with him and ready to screw you blind.