Thursday, March 1, 2012

words, words, words, BBC America....

When it comes to TV, I am trending more towards BBC America.  I started watching Being Human there first, but now I watch both versions, and sometimes that confuses me.  Doctor Who, while I admit I am not a full-on Whovian, I do like the show, I watched when Eccleston took over, then bowed out, but for some reason Matt Smith in fezz and bowtie, bowties are cool!, got me sucked back into the show, and I have been watching religiously ever since.  My most recent show was a short series called The Fades, a interesting supernatural show about a young boy who as it turned out has supernatural powers, basically he can see spirits, called Fades, and this power makes him an Angelic.  The story was slightly hard to follow, but I really liked it, it left the ending open for more, which I assume they are going to do.

Now, lets talk about Being Human on BBCA, it was great for the first 3 series, believable, great storyline, easy to see how each character feels.  No with Series 4 just starting last week (spoiler alert), they've jumped the shark, pulled a Back to the Future, and killed off 3 of the 5 main characters, of which I really don't like 1, so its the core 4 that have always been my favs.  I'm going to give it another couple of shots, but I just don't know.  I'm so ready for Doctor Who to come back on, and not ready for Walking Dead to end their season and have to wait till Halloween for more...

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