Thursday, April 2, 2015

It Feels good to Be Home

So after a year with an Android device, I have switched back to Apple.  Everyone warned me up front, "You're not going to like it", "You won't be able to do everything you can with your iPhone.".  I feared the worse, I was surprisingly amazed that I ran into little issues, my entire iTunes library except for a few drama protected songs did not make the integration into Google Play Music.  Almost every app had an android version, I liked the folder structure, the ability to have a full alphabetical list of my apps.  Back button, I cannot believe how much I came to love having a dedicated on device button that would take me back a page.  Despite my being told I could move my iTunes videos over, I never quite mastered that ability, but I managed.

I made the jump and got the new iPhone 6 Plus, after carrying a Galaxy S5, the size difference was minimal.  The changes to iOS took a few days to learn the nuances.  Looking back at my old iPhone 5, it looks so tiny by comparison to both the android and apple devices.   It's nice to have the ability to FaceTime again, and iMessage.  I do have to say that I dislike googles approach to mail on the iPhone, of course since it's their os android handles it so much better.  The Gmail app for iOS is ok, but it's far from perfect.

I have my app essentials, those apps I cannot live without, weather apps, social media, Woot!, Netflix, IMDB, Groupon, Yelp, banking/finance apps,, 1password, dropbox.  The list goes on.

What are some of your must have apps, what's the first thing you install when you get that new phone out of the box?

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