Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dieting Is Hard

So, about a month ago, the significant other and I decided that we'd try a new stab a diet/weight loss.  We started Nutrisystem, first we sat down and did the math, the amount of money we were spending at the grocery/eating out was more than the cost of the plan for us both, so that helped.  So far its a great program, all your meals are shipped to you and labeled so its easy to identify when to eat what.  Oddly enough on the Diabetes plan I get an extra snack a day and an extra power fuel at lunch (usually I go with almonds or yogurt).  Top that with the Omega Chews I get which taste nothing like the fish oil crap i used to take and don't give the "fish burps".  Do I miss food, sometimes, I had a craving about a week ago for some cheese dip, but it passed.  This diet is forcing me to do one thing, eat more your allowed to eat an unlimited number of non-starchy veggies.  Also they want you to do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, which isn't too hard to do, but its very hard to workout with your trainer doing bootcamp style workouts when you're only consuming about 1200 calories a day.  But I survive and move some things around so I have a nice protein filled snack prior to heading to the gym.

Water, oh man, for some reason it tastes better now...or maybe i'm just dreaming it.  I am consuming more water a day now and since I'm back in school, less Diet Coke.  I still love my DC, and its been hard cutting down, I had the caffeine withdrawal headaches the first week and half, they usually hit about 6 pm, which made the evenings fun.  So my favorite dishes so far are the Turkey Sausage and Turkey Pepperoni Pizza, the Ravioli, and the loaded mashed potatoes, oh and the Red Velvet Whoopie Pies are nothing to sneeze at (mind you all of this is only available with the frozen options - a slight price increase)

So we've done three weeks, I've been hovering around the 3-4 pound loss, its a start, but I wish it was more, but we'll keep going and I'll try to be more consistent and update you all more.  I have also been informed we can go do a health cheat for Valentines Day, so have to see how that goes.

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