Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fathers Day

Well, its right around the corner, and I never truly understood the day, since my father was not around much when I was a child. I did however have a Grandfather who was the closest thing to a father I knew. He would teach me things, how to bait a hook, how to tie a slip knot, how to install plumbing, anything and everything, he could do it. He was a self made man, he owned his own plumbing business for years, and when he retired he gave it to his son, my uncle. Now when I think back to his abilities, what was always a good time, was that he would come home everyday for lunch, and then a short nap and then they'd go back out to work. What a great life, in the summers I'd sit around waiting playing with my Lego's having fantastical space adventures and watching my Grandmother watch her stories or occasionally play Gin with one of the neighbors. They'd come in dusty and dirty and then they'd wash up with Lava soap, to this day thats still the sign that you've done some real work when you need Lava soap. We'd all sit at the bar and have a sandwich and fritos or leftovers from the night before, and one day, well one day my Me-Me made from scratch chicken and dumplings for lunch! Oh I still remember that day.
Now that I'm a father, I try to do all those things I missed, I tell my daughter every day that I love her, that she is beautiful, and that I am so blessed to have her and her mommy in my life. I've always said my goal is to be the father I never had, and I hope that I'm succeeding and I hope that someday, when I get wherever it is I'm going, I can walk up to my Father and say Thank You, you don't realize it but you made me a better man than you ever were or could be. I'm not angry, or bitter, but ok maybe I am a little, I just wish I knew more about why, but there are some questions that life cannot answer.
So give your father that shirt, belt, or new wallet, but most of all, just stop look at him and tell him that you love him, and give him a hug. And if you can't do it in person, just remember a phone call is just as effective, don't wait until its too late and you can't say it.

Happy Fathers Day, Dad...I still love you!

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