Monday, January 2, 2012

My Tech Wishes for 2012

Since it's the new year, and while most people are making resolutions that will be devoid of completion in the next 30 days, I've moved on.  Yes, thats right, no resolutions, reservations, rest stops, repartees, raptures, or ray guns, well maybe ray guns, ray guns are cool!

No, just a few things on my tech wish list for the year that I hope to see.

First, a new iPhone, yes I like the idea of a new phone with an aluminum back looking like a mini iPad.  I like it, I think its sexy, classy, and cool.  With all the other phones, the iPhone needs a bigger screen, those new Samsung's are very sexy with their big wide screens.

Second, an affordable TV made by Apple (oxymoron I know, nothing by Apple is generally accepted as "affordable" but given the "smart TV's" that are already out there, I think its doable.  Keeping it at manageable sizes; 32" & 37" would be ideal as a companion for most folks as your main home theater setup is generally in a man cave/living room/theater room, this would be an ideal size for an office, bedroom, etc.  All the added features of an iOS connected TV would be great when your getting ready to go, weather, maps, etc.

Third, an updated MacBook Air lineup with a new 15" model, I've always wanted one of these, but 11" and 13" is just a bit to small for my sausage hands to manipulate the keyboard.

Fourth, and these are just things that are already out, and are on my want list.  I really want a 55-300mm lens for my camera, a nice tripod, and a speed light.

So thats it for now, just a quick post of what I think may happen, and some stuff I'd love to see!

Be calm and don't blink.

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