Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Schools Out (Almost)!

Doesn't quite ring as big as I can remember in my younger years, that last day, no books, throwing out all the garbage from your locker, expelling all that knowledge as you push that door to the summer wide open and hit the bricks for home.  At least I rode my bike, I lived close, and it was fun.  Now, I ponder, I really need to find a part time gig, something to allow me some walking around money, I don't need to get rich, just be able to spend my own money.  Not working has really made me realize that all that time I was told it was "our" money, well it really was, and it still is.

There are a few things on my to do list for the summer, first I need to get this bunion removed from my foot, that is supposedly going to put me out of commission for at least 2-4 weeks (driving at least).  Second, I have a lot of reading that I want to do, number one on  the list is "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson, and yes I have a real hardback book, I know theres something about reading the biography of Steve Jobs on my iPad, but I have the book and I'll read the book.  The second book, a bit more niche is "The Walking Dead, The Rise of the Governor" - by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga, those who read the comics will know who The Governor is, and no its not AH-nold.  Beyond that, I just want to survive my first Texas summer and spend time with the Toddler.  On the Toddler, we are still fighting the I don't want to eat anything thats not brown and fried, and still trying to potty train.

Not much else at the moment, will try to update more often.

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