Monday, July 30, 2012

Playing Catch Up

So given my penchant for irregualar posting, I feel some catching up is in order.  Last time I came to you dear readers was with my Dallas Comic-Con experience.  Well San Diego Comic-Con was last weekend, and no I didn't go, but I did hear about some cool stuff, Image Comics/Skybound/Robert Kirkman is doing a Zombie obstacle course, and when you complete it you get an exclusive Walking Dead #100, only available at the con.  If you know me, you know my love of TWD, its such an amazing story, the comics are incredible and really pull you in like no other book out there currently.  The TV show is also amazing, albeit the seasons are too short, but who thought we'd have a zombie TV show on in prime time?

Other than all that, just been trying to find a job, who knew how hard this was going to be, at this point i'd take my chances as a fry cook, in-between all that I've been sucked back into the world of Magic: The Gathering, a fun, yet addictive card game that I played way back in college (wish I hadn't sold all my cards).  The nice part about the game is it is social and I've made a lot of new acquaintances playing.

Got back to the Rock last weekend, it was nice, didn't do a whole lot, mostly time with family, did get to eat lunch with my 3 friends in Searcy, mmmm Mi Pueblito....and I got to see The Dark Knight Rises, oh my god, what a great movie.  To steal a quote from a friend, this is on par with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, they are not 3 separate movies, but one long epic, meant to be seen back to back.

The tech rumor mill is all abuzz regarding the new iphone, we all know its coming, and we all know we're going to buy it, but the question is, is this the new iphone?  I kinda hope so, I'm ready for something different, the 4 was a nice departure, but it still feels the same.

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