Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wow, I really suck

So I set this up to be a new haven of geeky dad goodness, and what have I done? I've neglected you like so much refuse, for that I apologize, and promise to do better.

Today's geeky golden nugget comes as I sit at work, pecking away on my wireless Mac keyboard, and realize how much I miss having a 10 key on the keyboard. Yes I know its supposed to emulate the laptop experience and be more minimalist, and trust me I like it, but if I'm trying to do math shit, sometimes you need a 10 key.

Still waiting on more info about the whole NVIDIA class action suit and if my MBP is eligible for some type of replacement or whatever. Thanks to my friends over at Macrumors for posting the article.

Hoping to get more followers soon, keep the faith, etc.


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