Monday, January 3, 2011


Sorry for the Grosse Point Blank reference, but I realized 2011 is the 10 year anniversary of Leopard and also Apple retail stores. I agree with Jon Stewart, those stores feel like a futuristic Swedish hospital, you know where you clones are in the back ready to replace any broken parts.

Looking back at 2010, it was a geeks wet dream, lots of new cool gadgets, LED TV, 3D TV, iPad, the not really a secret iPhone 3 (thanks Gizmodo), and last but not least, Minecraft. All in all a lot of really cool stuff, and I know I'm just glossing over the highpoints, but hey its my blog, I'll talk about whatever I want.

2010 was a great year for me for movies, just to mention a few that really hit me with the ole one-two punch, were big smashes like True Grit, I mean putting an unknown actress in a lead role, who's in almost every single scene in the movie, I tip my hat to the Coen brothers, huzzah! Tron: Legacy, wow, 28 years later a sequel that well, all i can say is it wasn't perfect, but damn I loved it and the visual experience was not topped by any other movie. Toy Story 3, this was one I was not excited about, I mean how many times can you go to the well, I was very apprehensive that they were going to jump the shark here, but they pulled it off with class and the ending could bring a tear to a glass eye. Lastly I want to talk about Drew Barrymores directorial debut, Whip It, was smart, funny, and had an incredible cast, she came out of the gate swinging and it was the perfect mix of smart and funny. I have to bow to Netflix for throwing it into my you may like this movie pile, and yes I liked it.


There's only a short list for 2010 that made me stand up and say more please. Have to go with The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman's epic journey of survival during a zombie apocalypse, the transition from the drawn pages of the comic to the small screen was nothing but amazing. The cast really took their roles and owned them, while there were deviations from the source, I see why they do it, the book is all about the characters, and now they have the chance to make them so much more, make you feel the loss, the fear, the depression, the anger. If you have not seen the show, it hits on DVD in March, and is most definitely a day one buy for me! Chuck, this show continues to show the evolution of the character and the social awkwardness he still has. Love all the shout outs to geek culture, especially the Tron poster that's been up since season one!

So that's it for today kiddos, 2010 in a geeky little nutshell, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and 2011 should prove another geek paradise! I mean, really, iPad 2, Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America, All Star Superman (animated here), Scream 4, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, and lets not forget Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens.

Ok, now frack off!

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