Friday, January 21, 2011

So The HCG Diet Was Not For Me

I gave up after 4 3/4 days, I was sitting at home after all my meals and snacks, and I just still felt hungry, in fact I had the feeling I was starving, you know how you feel at 12 when you don't eat breakfast and you usually go to lunch at 11, well it was worse. I broke down and ate a half bag of baked lays (chips, my original vice). Then I went to bed, Friday was better, I ate pseudo on the program for lunch, then we got invited to Chili's with a friend and thats where the wheels fell totally off the bus, and it went careening down the cliff and crashed into a million fiery pieces. Ok, it started as chips and salsa, progressed to cheese dip and then round house punch with Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers. So diet was done, I'm sitting at 260 currently, down from where i was at almost 270, but still not happy, but willing to give it a go when Marty's doing it again, I think with support and both doing the same things it will be much easier.

Oh, and my iPad is dead, I was an idiot and left it on the car earlier in the week, take away a few geek points for that smooth move. Looking around I can probably get about 300 off ebay for it for parts for someone. Unless apple has a one time "i'm a stupid idiot" replacement, I'm pretty well screwed. You don't realize how much you liked it/used it, etc till its gone.

Signing off, slightly emotional about the lost device.

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