Thursday, January 6, 2011

Diet Day 4

Don't fret geekiness will follow. Day four today, only lost 1 pound, but I know why, I was starving or I felt like I was, so I at two extra grissini and a handful of baked ruffles. I deviated at lunch and had a half bowl of chicken tortilla soup at lunch and it was really good (thanks Casey). For dinner I had four ounces of Shrimp sauteed in an amino soy sauce substitute with garlic, and baby spinach sauteed in chicken broth with pepper and garlic. Dinner was really yummy! Got together the crock pot with another HCG recipe, Cabbage soup with chicken, onion, celery, and it called for carrots, but they are a phase 3 food, so i subbed in asparagus.

If you were living under the proverbial rock, or at least stuck on Tatooine and can't get into Mos Eisley or out to Toshi Station on your power converter run, there was a Star Wars announcement at CES today. Thats right, all 6 movies are coming to Blu-Ray in September, 6 movies, 9 discs, 30 hours of bonus features. I just had a nerdgasm... More info and a great trailer can be found here and if you so choose, you can pre-order here.

May the Force be with you!

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