Saturday, November 19, 2011

Suck it Verizon and Sprint

Bash all you want, I have never experienced any of the problems people always complain about with AT&T, I also worked in wireless, so I guess I also know to expect that cellular phones do not work everywhere, and occasionally they will drop a call during a tower handoff (or a 3G to edge handoff for that matter), remember folks its just a phone, and think back 25 years or so, the thought of having a phone in your pocket was crazy-talk.  That being said, I stumbled upon this interesting piece about a recent study by a company called Metrico Wireless, never heard of them, but these firms pop up all the time.  The data is quite interesting, like most studies, they measured the basics...Metrico measured five performance factors shortly after the iPhone 4S was launched on all three carriers in October: whether calls could be connected and held; voice quality; data performance; Web browsing by page load speeds and video performance.

"Metrico did not pronounce any carrier a winner or loser in the study, noting that each had strengths. In an analysis of a summary of the findings, however, AT&T came out on top in more areas than the others, with Verizon second and Sprint third."

This was what I found interesting, "AT&T was twice as fast as Verizon in Web browsing with the iPhone 4S, recording average page load times of 1.29 seconds, compared with Verizon's 2.60 seconds. Sprint's version of the phone took an average of 6.44 seconds for Web browsing page loads, according to Amit Malhotra, vice president of marketing at Metrico, in an interview."

Check it out, tell me what you think, do you have an iPhone, if so who are you with?

Oh yeah, geeky graph incoming!

And with that, I'm done, it's my daughters 2nd birthday today, so I'm off to wake the girls up and go get her favorite breakfast, hash browns from McDonalds.  See you tomorrow!

Geeky Dad Out..

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