Thursday, November 17, 2011

And so it just keeps getting better

So, with most changes, like a move, you go through the routine and find a new grocery store, a new barber/stylist, a new barista, and of course new doctors.  With new insurance comes change as well, we now have an asininely larger deductible, and have a limited choice of dentists.  Upon searching for a dentist all we have to choose from is something called Monarch Dental, which I hear is like fast food dentistry.  I don't like to complain, but why can't I just go to a nice local independent dentist and not have to use a conglomerate?  Just ranting, but thats not really why its just getting better...

Found a new doctor, my wife suggested instead of going to a family medicine that I start going to an Internal Medicine doctor.  Get that all set up and have my first visit, my annual physical (been doing these since I turned 30), same thing, lots of questions, weight loss, exercise, etc.  She refills my scrips, also orders my lab work, which the hospital does, so I have to go there.  Finally make it to the hospital (on Thursday) while fasting and get my blood drawn, fast easy, got it on the first stick, which was awesome!

Fast forward to Tuesday of this week, get a phone call at lunch from my doctor, this can't be good, she didn't have a nurse call..."Jon, you have diabetes, your sugar was 226, bad cholesterol was within range, my good cholesterol was low, and uric acid was normal."  So she says she's going to start me on metformin and that I need to check my sugar every morning.  Starting to look at meters, and see what I need, the geek in me kicks in, bayer makes a USB meter that automatically uploads your results and graphs, this is very cool and intrigues the nerd in me.  So I decided last night to try it out, since I've never done it before.  I almost had a panic attack trying to get the damn lancet to work.  I would tense up and then it wouldn't fire (because I'm too smart to read instructions), finally  Marty said she'd do it for me, and well she couldn't figure it out at first too, and asked for the instructions.  I went into the other room and figured it out and did it myself, and flinched as I was doing it so it didn't stick fully so very small stream of blood, but finally enough to test.  227.  I looked at myself in the mirror, I was sweating, I had worked myself up so much over what turned out to be nice and easy and almost painless.  I am such a baby!

On a side note, anyone seeing battery issues with iOS 5?  Well apparently there is a fix on the way.
Also, I've been playing Battlefield 3 on the 360, and I hate to admit this but I like it better than MW3, also started Skyrim, but think I am going to start over as I really want to be a mage, and I don't like my Dark Elf.  Arkham City is on hold at the moment, that game is huge and so immersive, I could spend hours just flying around the city, and you have to love Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as The Joker.

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